The Scruffy Trucker


 Now, the question was… Where are they now…? They needed to find a street sign.

"Hey Travis, let me know if you see any street signs. We need to get our bearings if we’re going to get anywhere,"

He felt about the same as she did about not re-visiting landmarks he’d been to during his first time in the desolate town. His worst experience, in his opinion, was Cedar Grove Sanitarium. God, that place fucked him up.

He hated the way it made him feel… His mother had stayed in the women’s wing for a long time, insisting that there was “another world within the mirrors”, which the doctors had insisted was nothing but nonsense.

Ha. Travis knew better now. During his time in Silent Hill, he’d experienced the horrors behind the mirrors firsthand. His world was quite literally turned upside down whenever he encountered one, where the world inside the mirror’s reflection became his new reality.

"Hey," he said after they’d been walking for a few minutes. "Look."

He lifted his good hand to indicate a nearby street sign, the faded letters of which read ‘Munson Street’.


Heather turned her head again to make sure Travis was following.

"C’mon. We need to get you some first aid or something."

Once she began walking, he immediately followed her, his boots making a faint clomping sound against the pavement. The pipe was still clutched tightly in his good hand, the other hanging limply at his side.

It was clear that she didn’t like him, and that was just fine and dandy with him. He’d been a loner all of his life, and if she intended to leave him alone to fend for himself in this damn town, he didn’t care. He’d done it before, and he’d do it again if he had to. 

"Yeah… sounds like a plan. Got any ideas about where to find one?"

A Hasty Alliance


"Are you done yet?" Heather asked, putting her free hand on her hip impatiently. She then started talking with heavy sarcasm. "Being such a strong and daring man, I would think you would have taken care of it already.”

Travis stared down at the young woman, his brown eyes narrowing as he tucked the pipe underneath his arm and held his wounded shoulder tightly. Well, shit, if he’d known she wouldn’t have been grateful for this, he would never have stepped in. Let’s see how much she likes getting mauled by a monster next time. 

"Yeah, I’m done. It’s dead, isn’t it?" He shook his head, taking his bloodied hand off his shoulder long enough to adjust his cap.  

A hasty alliance.


The beast yowled sharpily when Travis struck it’s head, crashing to the ground, squirming about before pulling its hideous body on all fours and dashed off into the distance, finding a weak point of its prey. It appeared to have disappeared. There was a footstep heard. Then, suddenly, sloppy taps hit the floor as the creature ripped it’s way through the streets in top speed, ramming it’s body into Heather’s side.

He backed off for a moment, having been shoved away by Heather. She seemed angry… He could understand why, but didn’t he just save her life? She should be grateful. 

"Woah, sorry," he muttered, holding his good hand up in mock surrender, still holding the pipe. "Shit, I was just tryin’ to help." 

Once the monster slammed against Heather, though, he quickly leaped into action once again and began repeatedly whacking the Double Head with the pipe. 

A hasty alliance.


The fog continued to thicken as the footsteps drew closer and closer to Heather and Travis. At first, the being was just a black blur but it could be confirmed that it was a single entity. Upon closer inspection, the being was revealed to be some sort of canid creature. Althought it shared with characteristics of it’s canine ‘roots’, it was anything but man’s best friend. It’s walk was very off. the rhythm of it’s footsteps was very strange, as if two creatures were stumbling about. It’s body was very gastly. It appeared to have rotting mange all over. A brush of it’s body would easily tear off the skin. It’s face was another matter. A row of shiny teeth was seen under a mass of flesh and gore, it’s head split in two.

The canid creature began to limp faster to the two humans, it’s limp turning into an all out dash and it bolted into the air, launching it’s body towards the girl and letting out a demonic scream.

Travis scowled and glanced around, looking for something that might serve as a makeshift weapon. Hell, the last time he was here, he used stuff like IV drip stands and television sets, so he didn’t have a problem with scrounging for weapons. 

A broken pipe sticking loosely out of the ground caught his eye, and he pulled himself to his feet before grabbing it with his uninjured arm and yanking it out of the ground. 

Once the creature approached, he cringed, seeing how horribly disfigured it was. Once it attacked, however, his reflexes kicked in, and he instinctively jumped in front of Heather, swinging the pipe down on the creature’s head. He knew that wouldn’t kill it, but it was a start…

His injured shoulder was throbbing with pain and pouring blood, but he’d ignore that for the time being. Right now, they just needed to concentrate on killing this monster. 


"What’s your name?" Heather wasn’t big on asking strangers for their names but if she was gonna help him, she may as well know. "Were you really wanting to come to this place? Or did you just wind up out here?"

Upon her earlier request, he slid down to the floor, groaning and tenderly holding his shoulder. Shit, that really hurt. He needed to find medical attention, but in this place, finding another human was like trying to find a shirt in his closet that wasn’t plaid. 

"Silent Hill…?" He looked visibly shaken as he glanced away, his brown eyes widening with controlled shock and confusion. "How the hell…?"

He shook his head and looked back at Heather, sighing. “My name’s Travis. Travis Grady. And no… Can’t say I meant to come back here.” 

A strange shuffling noise made him look over and squint into the fog, trying to determine whether it was another person or one of the monsters that still haunted his dreams. He reached for his pistol, only to find that it wasn’t tucked safely inside of his vest. 

'Shit… must've lost it when I crashed.'


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"Hey!" Heather called as she approached him. "Are you alright? What happened to you?"

He took a look at his wounds. It… It didn’t look like he was attacked by monsters… But what did she know? She waited for him to answer her questions.

A young girl’s voice made him turn his head, staring down at her through somewhat glossy brown eyes. “I don’t know,” he admitted, shaking his head a bit as he glanced away again, his eyes fixating on a spot somewhere in the distance. “I was driving, and I guess I… I fell asleep or something. I remember hitting something… and flying through the air. I think. I kinda remember walking around a bit… but I don’t remember much else.”

He groaned and leaned back against the wall behind him, which made a sharp pain shoot through his shoulder, convincing him to glance down at it and cringe in disgust. 

"Awh, God, that’s sick…" he muttered, quickly looking away. 

His statement was true — it was rather revolting. His shoulder was torn open, and the muscles, blood vessels, and other various components of a normal arm were all visible on either side of the gap, which was being held together by nothing more than a few tendons. In the space between, however, there was nothing to be seen. The muscles inside seemed to have been ripped out, leaving a large, empty area where the rest of the limb’s support system was supposed to be. 

Christ, that hurt. He needed to find some first aid, and fast. 

"What the hell are you doing here, anyway?" he asked, lifting a hand to scratch at the stubble on his chin. "Better yet, where are we?"

Same nightmare, different day.

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Travis found himself mindlessly swinging the pipe at the monsters, knocking each of them down with one or two well-aimed hits. God, it felt like it had been forever since he’d done this. And yet, his body seemed to remember exactly what to do. He didn’t even have to think at all; his body would react to a monster’s presence and deal with it accordingly. Once the crowd of creatures had diminished to only a handful, Travis turned on his heel and sprinted off down the street. He didn’t know where he was going, but he knew he needed to get there… fast. 

A familiar building in the distance caught his eye. The hospital looked even more deserted in the daytime than it did at night. As he looked over his shoulder, a large, hard formation collided with him. He let out an involuntary yell of pain as he fell over, pain shooting up his right arm as soon as he hit the ground. Cradling his wounded arm, Travis tried to scramble away from the hideous, familiar creature before him. It resembled a man, but in place of a head, it had a large gray helmet clamped down on its neck. A blood-stained apron covered the rest of its body. The creature held a giant knife, that looked like it could behead Travis with a flick of the creature’s wrist. 

"H-hey!" he called out, glancing around wildly. "Anyone here? I need some help!"

No one answered, leaving Travis with the sinking realization that he was all alone… again. For the first time since his return, honest terror swept through his body, making his figure convulse in a shiver. The monster suddenly picked him up by the neck, cutting off his circulation. Travis gasped for air as his vision blurred. The pounding of his pulse in his head became the only thing he could hear. 

The Butcher suddenly held Travis high in the air and flung him over his shoulder, making Travis fly through the air and hit the wall of the hospital - hard. His back hit first, his head following with a sickening crack.

It was then that he awoke, his brown eyes opening wide. He moaned loudly and rolled his now bloodied head to the side, looking around… wherever he had passed out. Oh, right… he’d been in a car accident and had been thrown through the windshield. He’d walked blindly for a while, but didn’t know where he’d ended up. 

"H-… hello?" he said as he dragged himself to his feet and adjusted his trucker hat, his scratchy voice cracking a bit. "I… I need some help…"